Here are some photos of other rescue "fur kids" who stayed.   Current residents include:

Jacob a.k.a. Jake is a beautiful purebred Siberian husky boy who came as a foster
boy but because of his intelligence, sweet and gentle temperament and trainability (for a
Siberian, was formally adopted by me.   His "sweet baby eyes" are so endearing and
calming and remind me of my sister's late husky, Tundra's.   When I lost Scout I actually
kept thinking he was still around because I kept seeing those eyes which were so much like
his as well (see "Memories" page).

Polly  1/2 Siberian husky (her mother was a silver/gray, blue eyed Siberian girl but she looks just like a Rottweiler.   If she had not been born here, I would never guess that she was related to "Tasha", the Sibe girl who was adopted.   Polly was born here, though and while, sadly, her littermates passed away due to their mother's malnutrition and poor health, she grew strong and healthy.   I couldn't stand to place her in another home, especially knowing how hard it is to find good homes for black and black and tan dogs.    She was born in April, 2001 so is just 8 years old now.

Kyrie, also 8 years old, is a purebred dilute black (silver/gray) and white, blue eyed Siberian husky who looks just like Polly's mother, Tasha did.   I got Kyrie from a kill shelter that used a gas chamber to destroy its dogs.   She was extremely anxious there and wouldn't warm up to anyone and was literally "climbing the walls" at being enclosed in the run.   I felt she would do well here when I took her in just over 4 years ago.   I didn't realize how well this home would suit her, though!   In fact, she is still skittish around everyone but me.   I suspect she is the product of a puppy mill or inbred back yard breeding.   That would account for her unusual temperament.   Her history is unknown but she was formally "adopted" here since it was decided that she wouldn't be truly happy anywhere else

Aaron is a 6 yr old lovely monster of a boy.   The best guess of his breed is Alaskan Malamute and collie/Akita.   He is very large but acts like a puppy.  He was rescued from a life of horrible cruelty that apparently left him with a lengthy illness and perhaps some lingering after effects.  He is becoming a wonderfully stable presence for my other dogs now, as he has been here just about 5 years.  He has a gloriously long blue merle type coat and piercing blue eyes!

Gregory, Greta and Vivien (lbelow) are 3 littermates from a rescued Norwegian Elkhound/shepherd/Sheltie? mix.   More "unique" dogs, they are each lovely in their own way but both parents were evidently very shy because they are quite retiring themselves.   They are happy living here at CanineWorks, though, so are in Sanctuary here for now.

Jinx. a.k.a. "Dinky" because she was Jinxy (Jinksy) then Dinky because she was such a runt of a tiny baby when she came here at 5 days old with her mother Trina.   She and her sister had a rough time of it but Miranda got a home.   Their little brother, sweet baby James, passed away at 5 weeks of age after struggling to even make it that long.  Before Jinx could be adopted, I suddenly (but not unexpectedly) lost my similar border collie/australian shepherd/terrier/? merry fuzzy girl Sally.   Dinky had always reminded me of her with her loving, affectionate and carefree nature.   Sally was gold and white but that was even better, as Dinky gives our home that solid and merry presence (she matured out to nearly 60 lbs in good weight!) and is always cuddly and exceptionally sweet with me and the other dogs.  Dinky was born March 2, 2008 in a kill pound in southern OH but was one of the lucky ones and got out.   Whenever I get sad about rescue, I think of her:  one I COULD save!

Other permanent residents are purebred Belgian shepherds, Tervuren variety: