"Willow" was pulled as a last resort from the "pit" of Ohio...the south/central/eastern "Appalachian" area.    She was taken in at CanineWorks, nursed to good health and then offered for adoption.   Her former owner (or someone who claimed to be) said her name was "Lady" and she had been allowed to roam at large in her area because her apartment wasn't big enough for her.   She had given her away to some other people who turned her loose too, and didn't take time to train, feed, groom or other wise care for her.   In "Lady's" case, being picked up by the dog warden may have been the best thing that ever happened to her.   She was taken to the pound but her resemblance to another rescued pup at CanineWorks, the beloved "Scout", led her to be pulled and fostered.   Her former owner decided not to pursue re-adopting her now that she was spayed and properly vetted since she still didn't have adequate housing or confinement or time for her.   So....she was still homeless.   Of course ALL dogs at CanineWorks DO have a "home" here.   I have a house and yard that is wonderful for dogs and for me.   I am happy here and the dogs are too but it's not enough for most dogs to be "part of the pack", especially when they are one of the fosters.   
"Willow" (so named because of her beautiful greyish coat and thin, wispy but strong frame upon arrival at CWR) grew strong and was always loving and sweet but wanted a job to do.   Well, she found an adopter in northern Ohio where there is snow and her combination of Siberian strength and shepherd desire to please made her a star in this novice musher's home.   All of these dogs are rescued, by the way.   See what fun and what happy "tails" can come from dogs being moved from a life of scavenging and homelessness to purpose and sport, work or play! 
    This just makes me happy to watch.   It is thrilling and fun and the music and speed and skill with which the dogs do their part in this sport renews my conviction to continue to save dogs and offer them for adoption to good homes like these
The Story of Willow,  Just One of the 800+ CWR Rescues
Click on Willow's name below to see her first "competition" run! or copy and paste the above URL in YouTube
Willow is the "wheel dog"...the one running alone and the one providing most of the power and consistency for this little fledgling "team".   GO WILLOW! 

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