"X"                                                      "Jinx"                                                 "Spidey".

The  "North Wapiti Collection" from CanineWorks Art
    all original designs by Sandra A. Stealey from North Wapiti photos
     (with permission, of course)        $10 each, all for $50! email sandrastealey@windstream.net for more info.  Patterns can be emailed or snail mailed.

How to Make a "Jinx"  

And of course Kara   89 x 60  stitches
And here is an actual "Crunchie"...not
done yet, but what an actual design
looks like when (partially) stitched.
And introducing:    Bet in art... a cross stitch pattern so you can have your own "Bet" in your   home.    This                             pattern is approx. 110 x 100 stitches
These are patterns only, coded with symbols for you to stitch onto any evenweave fabric or, with "waste canvas" onto shirts, bags, even chair backs, crate covers, etc...or you can just make them into pretty heirloom pictures.   See below for a sample of what the actual pattern looks like.    Can be converted to rug hooking, beading, tapestry, etc.     Have fun and support the Pretty Curly Tails!
To get your pattern(s) email       sandrastealey@windstream.net