Scout who left me just shy of 14 yrs of age had been brought to CWR (CanineWorks Rescue) at 3 months of age, born August 1996.  Rescued from a kill pound.  There is so much (too much) I could say about Scout.   He is the ONLY dog I have ever been unable to keep confined if he wants to get to me.   He is the best guard dog -- not vicious just SOOOooo loyal!     R.I.P.  my dear Scoutie, guard Heaven well

Sally was my "little" queen of the house and all she surveyed or visited.   Rescued from the local pound just because she "demanded" it (I was there to pick up a purebred Aussie for another rescue), she was my introduction to agility and was just an all around sweet and special girl!   I lost her in 2009 at the age of 14 years.  Alway a force to be reckoned with, I am sure she is loving entertaining the angels and riding herd on any unruly pups in Heaven now.
Nicha Mistral Point d'Orgue (Mistral), now "Meshach", rehomed Belgian shepherd dog, Tervuren variety from Quebec, Canada
13 years old, in June 2012, former agility dog, retired travel companion (except for short trips and chores), bed warmer extraordinaire!    Designation post 9/8/12:   spiritual advisor :-)
Meshach passed away September 8, 2012 from respiratory complications from suspected metastasized osteosarcoma which invaded his lungs.   He came to me as an 11 month old and had already been through numerous homes.   At some point he suffered a fracture of the edge of the iliac crest of the pelvis and, as is often the case, as he got older, cancer being the opportunist that it is, settled in that area, began a massive overgrowth of tissue and then moved to his lungs.   Meshach's blood work was perfect except for a high WBC count, indicating infection or extreme stress.   He never had a seizure, was his own dog and was delightfully devoted yet not dependent to the end.
.Polly, born here at CWR April 30, 1999,  24 inches, 90 lbs, Rottweiler/Siberian husky (yes, her mother was a purebred silver, blue eyed husky girl)
Likes: squeaky toys, peanut butter, cheese
Enforcer, guardian, my strong "right hand", playing in the yard and taking long walks around property (supervised...unlike her former literal escapades).   
Polly was the last of my "big black dogs" friend, protector and lifeline at a time when I really needed them.   I let her go back to God May 20, 2013, keeping my promise that she would not ever suffer if I could help it.   I don't really think she did but I certainly have in losing her.