Meet The Crew of CanineWorks Con Brio


Aaron, collie/Australian shepherd/Alaskan Malamute,
7 yrs old (born Jan. 2005)
75 lbs, 27 inches tall
Likes:  helping with yard work by following me around; loves moving and exploring and guarding the perimeter of his half of the "compound" type yard; Designation:  project dog, yardwork helper, reminder of why I do rescue with even the "hard" cases

AKC/UKC CH Benjamin Con Brio de l'Aurore  "Ben"
Belgian shepherd dog, Tervuren variety
10 years old (2/25/02)
55 lbs, 23 3/4 in.
Likes:   conformation showing, obedience, tricks, agility, cuddling, alerting/protecting, watching over the household and doing anything at all that I want him to do and teach him how to.

Designation:   Staff (sport companion dog, home guardian, travel buddy, trainer of new dogs, enforcer if necessary)

Duke, Alaskan Malamute/German shepherd
12 years old? (May of 2000?) rescued from:  Perry Co., OH
Likes:  ANY attention, petting, kind words and food
Remarks:   Duke had heartworms when he arrived at CWRS in Feb. 2011.   I made the hard but oh so rewarding decision to treat  him in spite of the cost, which took nearly $1000 out of my already strained budget but gave him a chance to spend his retirement years with love and health. 110 lbs, 28 inches
Designation:  retired, sanctuary resident

Etta,  Norwegian Buhund/Shiba  17 in, 34 lbs 2 years old (May of 2010), Rescued from Jackson Co., Ohio in May 2011  
Likes:  running, jumping, sleeping near her person and buddies,  Remarks:  Etta has some qualities and abilities that I always want to have here and helped to fill the void left by Sally, Scout and Sylvie when they passed away in 2010 and 2011.   She is a permanent resident, nicknamed "My Sunshine";
Designaton:   Staff (vermin control, "sunshine" provider, future sport companion)

Evan Con Brio de l'Aurore, Belgian shepherd dog, Tervuren variety, 6 yrs old, 1/27/06;  25 3/4 in., 65 lbs (dieting)
Likes:  eating, going places, meeting people and dogs, doing ANYTHING,  chasing and playing and running in the yard,
Remarks:  Gets along anywhere with anyone and anything.   Almost TOO easy going, as he is often lost in the shuffle.   Always ready to "work" at a bit of obedience or be groomed or go running with me when I have time and motivation to do it down our country lanes.
Designation:  Staff (new dog trainer, moderator, future sport and conformation show companion, running companion)

Gregory ("Gordie"), 6 yrs old, German shepherd/Norwegian Elkhound /Sheltie?, born here May 22, 2006 to a pregnant Sheltie /Elkhound/Border collie? mix from the Meigs Co., OH pound.   25 inches, 70 lbs (dieting)
Likes:  attention, kind talking, eating, bossing other dogs around when mom's not looking
Remarks:  parti-bi eyed, a really special boy who has always been wise and kind in an almost eerie way (at least with me)
Designation:  sanctuary resident (pseudo-enforcer for new and young male residents), outside protection (deterrant and alarm)

Greta, German shepherd/Norwegian Elkhound/Sheltie? sister to Gordie and Vivien, 24 inches, 72 lbs (dieting)
Likes: grooming (fortunately), food, helping brother Gordie "enforce" and sometimes overdoing the show of power
Remarks:  very shy but sweet; adopted by a famous writer, loved and admired but returned because she "wasn't happy"
Designation:   sanctuary resident (pseudo-enforcer for female dogs), cuddle buddy

Jimmer (ADOPTABLE!)   27 in, 85 lbs, (immature) 2 yr old (?March2010) Alaskan Malamute/GSD boy rescued as a terrified youngster from Perry Co., OH.   He has maintained a wonderful disposition with people, is afraid of men and can be dominant with other dogs so needs someone with an easy going but firm attitude and some dog experience. Likes:  petting and attention, anything to do with training (positive), playing, just being loved (by women).

Jinx (a.k.a. "Dinky"  55 lbs, 20 in powerhouse of a little girl who loves everybody and gets along with all other dogs and people, born 3/1/08 so just turned 4 years old.   One of 2 surviving puppies from a litter of 7 born to a mother with severe complications in a pound in southern OH.   Her sister was adopted but she is a "keeper" because of her nature and also the fact that she absolutely did NOT want to go anywhere else (we tried).
Likes:   loving, TLC, barking if anything at all is amiss, being a buddy and pal to even the most disturbed of dogs, getting attention, especially from me
Designation:  peacekeeper, "black GOLD" (re: her value here)

Kyrie,  11 yrs old,(? Oct2001) resident Siberian husky girl, brought to CWRS in March of 2003 at 1 1/2 years old from an Ohio pound where she was literally dying of nervousness and stress.   Was adopted to a person in KY who let her run away and didn't care what happened to her so I drove down and reclaimed her and she has been "Home" ever since.   Has hypothyroidism and seizures, controlled by meds
Designation:   need I elaborate?, my reminder of "Kyrie Elieson"

Flamme Con Brio de l'Aurore ("Mira") Belgian shepherd dog, Tervuren variety, born 12/4/07.   The mother of the first true "Con Brio" litter born here in the 25 years of our involvement with purebred Belgian shepherd dogs.   Lovely girl, all "excellent" designations in UKC, AKC pointed, obedient, strong, loving, intelligent, patient but absolutely wild at times too; niece to Ben

     "Kontoki's Girly Girl, CGC, TDI", "Penelope", 5 yrs old,                   Siberian husky of the "wooly" (long haired) style, loving                  companion, playmate and boarder/camper at CanineWorks             while her mother resettles.   Companion to "Eden", former            CWRS resident who has returned after her adopter had to           move because of a family crisis.

Polly, 12 yrs old, born here at CWR April 30, 1999,  24 inches, 90 lbs, Rottweiler/Siberian husky (yes, her mother was a purebred silver, blue eyed husky girl)
Likes: squeaky toys, peanut butter, cheese
Enforcer, guardian, my strong "right hand", now retired from most except playing in the yard and taking long walks around property (supervised...unlike her former literal escapades).

Steve, 6 yrs old, Siberian husky/Jindo,  severely undersocialized or abused as a younger dog, rescued from the gas chamber (because of dog aggression he was not considered adoptable), project dog here, loving, happy, active but still very nervous around other dogs at times so we're working on getting him used to them and making his life more relaxed and full.

Talia Rhema Con Brio, 2nd born of the 1st ever "Con Brio" litter, born 2/25/12.   Very cuddly and loving, easy going, sweet, very athletic but at a slower pace than warp speed like some Belgians, a "thinker".   Very sound, physically and mentally, with some wonderful Belgian qualities already.  Excelled in her show debut in 2012.   Solid, energetic but stable and very loving.
Designation:   whatever God wants her to be :-) (as long as He gives me the skill and energy to keep up)

Timmy, 15 month old white Siberian husky, (born in May, 2011)
22 in, 44 lbs,
rescued from a shelter after a traumatic incident with running loose and being caught.  Spent a month in "jail" with a label at 6 months old but was evaluated by local behaviorist who called on me to come check him out.   Fortunately, he is a wonderfully sweet, loving boy but he was and is NOT for the average home.   He loves it here, though, and fits in very well.  

Tovah Raphaela Con Brio, first of the Con Brio Belgians to be born here.   Born 2/25/12.   Wild and active like her mommy and daddy, dark, fiery, spirited, truly a "con brio" girl.   Still trying to calm this one down...or maybe not.   (I'm NOT trying too hard....want to see what she's got in there or at least what we can do with that piss and vinegar -- I mean power and vigor)
Designation:   whatever God wants her to be (as long as He gives me strength to keep up with her)

Eden ("Almost An Angel's Eden, CGC, TDI")...still owned by her adopter but perfectly at home here since she was rescued and brought here as a foster girl in 2003.   She stayed over 2 years before being adopted and is now back, staying here with her "little sister" Nelly (Penelope, see above).   Eden is a bl/wh blue eyed Siberian girl of indominatable but incredibly peaceful spirit.   She is now approx. 12 yrs old. (?born 4/2000)