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As you can imagine, rescuing, placing, training, rehabilitating, vetting, feeding and generally keeping all these dogs requires a lot of money.   We receive absolutely no help from any government or corporate agencies and rely on private donations to meet the needs of the dogs here. 

Elsewhere on this page you can see some of the dogs your donations will help.   Please feel free to specify if a particular "resident" touches your heart and you want to help them with general or specific needs.   I promise to give them a hug and tell them their dinner or toy or medicine is from you :-).
If you are interested in helping by making a donation to the rescue or, especially, the sanctuary, please email me at sandrastealey@windstream.net

SPECIAL NEEDS FOR May and June 2012

Food:   Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice  1 bag $30
           (one bag feeds 6-8 dogs for a week or 1 dog for 6-8 weeks)  (and yes, I still feed Diamond...email me if you want to know why :-)

Lumber:   4 x 4 posts, 2 x 4s for framing and plywood (lots of plywood), used or new, to build shelters from the sun.   There is PLENTY of shade but it seems the dogs prefer to "hang out" in certain areas so I need some stable shade structures for them.

Shampoo:  $4 a bottle, will wash 2-5 dogs.   Dogs do get muddy and the Siberians and mixes especially do NOT like to be dirty.  

Throw rugs/carpet remnants:  $30 provides a warm soft place inside for the dogs to relax.   I buy only those which can be shaken out and cleaned and reused so this is another great investment.

Detergent:  $10 to keep dog bedding clean (and mine, since most of them are allowed to share furniture and bedding with me when it's their "turn").

Bleach:  $5 to prevent spread of germs as different dogs are allowed in different parts of the house..

Dewormers:   $5...this is per dog and varies but is vital this time of year.   I usually deworm the dogs twice a year unless I notice problems.   This keeps them healthy and free of parasites as long as I do it with ALL 18 dogs.

Please send any donations to:
42520 Calaway Rd.
Coolville, OH  45723

You may also call 740-667-3545 or email sandrastealey@windstream.net if you have questions.

ANYTHING will be appreciated and will directly help make the dogs' lives better!

                                       "Duke" is an old dog.   He is                                              very sweet old soul and is                                                absolutely revelling in the                                                love and gentle care, good                                                food (and $900 treatment of                                            heartworms that we paid for                                           after much heart-wrenching                                             deliberation). 
Now free of all parasites, taking some supplements to help his digestion and ease his arthritis he is living out his life here at the sanctuary where he knows his way around and is respected and has a full life in spite of his visual impairment.   He acts like a puppy and indeed his life has just begun...again. 
DUKE'S SPECIAL NEEDS:  Nutraflex ..............$25/mo
  Naturvet Enzymes and Probiotics (powder) .....$20/mo
To read more about the realities of rescue costs, please check out these pages, just 2 examples of the 17 current and over 800 past dogs whose lives we have saved and changed.  We desperately need your help.   Our funding is dwindling but our care for the dogs must not!
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