Some of the dogs who have found homes through CanineWorks Rescue over the past years include:
Mia (now living in WV), sisters Rebecca/Bekka (living in WV) and Summer, Lee (now Liam), Pierre/Bucky (now in Queens, NY), Eden, Dakota, Timmy/Timber), Wolfie/Alfie, Shane, Dover, Miranda/Bullitt, Arthur, Ingrid/Issy (in Boston, MA), Marlene and Colleen/Layla (in Brooklyn, NY),   Springer spaniel/Labrador mix littermates Georgie, Harry/Jasper, Anne, Fiona, Fergie, Victoria and Elizabeth, Siberian babies Diamond, Arroyo/Cheyenne, Vulcan/Dakota, Leah, Terra and Savannah,  as well as Laika, Jennifer,   Galahad, Cocoa/Mocha (in Chicago), Sarah, Laddie, Lindsey, Mikey, Farrah, Gabriel, Michael, Cleo, Evonne, Jaclyn, Logan, Scooter, and hundreds of others.                                
                                                              OTHER HAPPY TAILS!!!!
                  Here are photos of just a few of the puppies and dogs mentioned above
   and others who have resided  at CanineWorks Sanctuary and Rescue as foster "fur kids".

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      Dakota                  Coleen/Layla                     Cleo                            Farrah                                Evonne
      Gabriel                          Galahad                          Jaclyn                            Logan                           Scooter
          Arthur                       Wolfie/Alfie                  Honey                        Trina                            Jack           
Jacob, ADOPTED 12/2012  Siberian husky, approx. 5 yrs old, from central OH, returned from 2 homes for being destructive.   A very "busy" boy with a heart of gold.   22 in. 60 lbs (dieting)
Likes:  playing in water, eating, playing! gathering anything that is not tied down and chewing off pieces of things that ARE tied down (i.e. couches, chairs) to collect and entice other dogs to play.
Remarks: a model Siberian in every way (including the activity)  
Designation:  sanctuary resident, possible obedience/sport companion

Jeni (ADOPTED 8/2012!), 22 in. 50 lbs, 5 yr old Siberian husky/Kelpie/border collie, rescued from Athens Co., OH forest with her 2 babies, who found homes.   Jeni is a runner and will escape most fencesw so her outside is spent inside the "compound".   She loves grooming, petting, attention and would probably do great at dog sports if given a consistent routine.   She was adopted out and returned twice for protecting certain family members from others.   She is a loving, sound, energetic girl who loves to please
Designation:   guard of the front shed, love-giver extraordinaire, FOSTER DOG LOOKING FOR A HOME