These dogs and puppies are here at CWR as fosters and are looking for new homes.  We are working with
  "A Pathway to Hope" to place most them, as this N.J. rescue has access to a vastly greater number of potential homes which would not have been available to the dogs had they stayed in the local pounds in their native areas of TN, KY, WV and OH.

These are Gili's puppies.   She was turned in to a pound in TN because she was pregnant.   The pound cared about her but was honest about the fact that the puppies would not survive if born there.  Through a collaboration with A Pathway to Hope Gili was brought to CWR where on Feb. 23 these 10 babies were born
          #1 is Piglet, light red boy


                                                             #2 is Kanga,  one of the 2
                                                                  girls and red in  color
                                                                 #3 is Winnie  the  Pooh.                                                                            He appears to  be a true                                                                        white boy with black                                                                               pigment on his ear tips                                                                           and nose.  He got  a  bit                                                                         stuck  in  the"doorway"


#4 is Tigger,   red  boy who was  born
with a black  stripe down his back.

                               Puppy #5 is Roo, a
                                          red boy


           Puppy #6 is  black  boy Eeyore

                                    Puppy #7 is sweet boy                                                                      Mosby...because he said so

                                     Puppy #8 is Robin, the boy Wonder

          Puppy #9 is Christopher

           Puppy #10 is the bl/wh girl Frankie

And here is sweet mommy Gili 3 days before whelping, with all 10 puppies safe inside her and me begging to meet them.
Watch here for puppy updates and also pics of the other adult dogs desperately needing someone to love them and give them homes too!   We have 5 yr old white Siberian mix Steve, 7 yr old Malamute mix  "The Duke" and 1 yr old Malamute mix "Jimmer".   All are loving boys who need to be in homes with Malamute smart people or with a person strong enough to curb their enthusiasm around other dogs.  

For information on any of these dogs contact:
The Winnie the Pooh Gilipups, Chapter 2   1-6 weeks click here
CanineWorks Rescue and Sanctuary 2011
Winnie the Pooh litter (Gilipups)          born February 23, 2011