"Con Brio is Born"    
Well, actually it has been around a long time, in my art, crafting and some of my beloved Belgian                                                                           Tervuren.   BUT, the first litter of pups arrived on Feb. 25, 2012. 
                                      "Ben"                                                    "Mira"
AKC/UKC CH Benjamin Con Brio de l'Aurore            X              Flamme Con Brio de l'Aurore
OFA: hips good, ,elbows OK, CERF clear '05                               OFA hips good, elbows clear, CERF OK
                24" tall, 55 lbs                                                                              22 1/2" tall, 42 lbs          (not submitted)
Both dogs:   no allergies, GI problems, seizures.  Both have had success in AKC (Mira is pointed but still showing) and UKC (both all "excellent" ratings from multiple breeder judges), biddable and sweet temperaments, wonderful companions at home and traveling, alert and watchful but never aggressive with dogs or people,  not pushy but have accepted every person and situation I have ever placed them in. 
These puppies were God's idea (and Ben and Mira's), which is why they didn't yet have current CERFs and thyroid tests.   This "litter" actually is line bred on my favorite boy of all time, with similar accepting, responsive, extremely trainable  temperament:   Ashley de faire l'affaire,  Am. CD, Can. CD, HIT, HIC, CGC...and lot of other great dogs!  

                     Mira and Tovah                                                                          Talia              
Left and above:   Talia (L) and Tovah (R)
                        Talia (L)                    3 weeks old                       Tovah (R)
              The wild and crazy one                                                                                  The serious one
Talia Rhema Con Brio 2 1/2 months
Tovah Rafaela Con Brio 3 months
Talia at 3 1/2 months                                           Tovah, 3 1/2 months
  The "thinking one" (go figure!)                                        The wild and crazy one (and no, I didn't
  More athletic, deliberate, no fear.                                      mix them up!), Active, bold, pushy.