CanineWorks founder and director, Sandra A. Stealey is also an artist who paints, draws, designs, quilts, and spins various fibers, including shed dog hair (chiengora).  All proceeds from sales of these limited edition, original designs and creations go directly to pay for food, care and medical bills for the many dogs living at Canineworks Rescue and  Sanctuary.  To meet these dogs, go to CWR Residents 
Evenweave Needlework Stock Patterns are available in most breeds $10 each, free shipping.  These can be used for counted Cross Stitch and also for latch hook, beading, knitting, crochet ... any even count craft... with minor modification.   All marked ** are available for immediate shipping.
Our specialty:  Your Dog in Art...special order patterns of your purebred or mixed breed dog!
Other Artwork:  Pen and Ink, Pencil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Fabric Art
"The Shepherd" watercolor card                       "Tyler"    ink wash                     "Jacob" pen & ink                        "Sylvie"  ink wash
  "Santa's Helper"    ink wash                     "Evan"  acrylic
      ORIGINAL  Cross Stitch and Needlework Designs

  **Belgian Groenendael, female              ** Irish Wolfhound Jumping             **Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy

CanineWorks' Original  Counted Cross Stitch Designs
(Patterns only)
" Tessa"    pen & ink
Check out "Kara" and the
North Wapiti line
     "Nikolai" (my first rescue
Siberian husky)  hand colored card
Hundreds of breed designs available.    All on this page marked with ** are currently available for $10, free shipping.
** Terv & Tire        ** Four Variety Head studies, small          ** Groenendael "Sledding         **sable Tervuren female
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NEW!  Belgian Tervuren prints:
Puppy Sweeps               BOB                    Winner's Dog                   Alternate Puppy                      Alternate Male              Veteran Sweeps
  (AWARDED)           (AWARDED)             (AWARDED)           (ORIGINAL AWARDED)                               (SOLD)             (AWARDED)                (AWARDED)
Alternate Female          Alternate Female                                                                                                           BOS                           Winner's Bitch               (SOLD)                              (SOLD)                                                                                                                (AWARDED)                (AWARDED)
"Blue Ridge"   Collection
Occasionally I do commissioned portraits in various media.   Email me for details..
All artwork is sent covered and matted.   Prices include priority shipping.
Artwork Prices:
Pen & Ink: $50-100
Paintings: $60-150
Prints: $25
Free shipping